Director's Message

Dear Parents/Guardians

Welcome to Gravity Kids. We are a nurturing community of teachers and staff, parents and children an extended family committed to creating a safe, fun and meaningful early childhood experience. Together we instill and celebrate a life-long love of learning and friendship. Children at Gravity Kids are treated with respect, consistency, and encouragement. In this warm environment, children experience playful and developmentally-appropriate learning each day as they grow and blossom.  Our bright, welcoming spaces, including classrooms, AV room, and large indoor play space inspire exploration and learning. Academics are embedded with play at Gravity Kids. Teachers intentionally plan lessons to meet curriculum goals, challenging students while ensuring that learning is fun, playful, and relevant to their lives. By the time Gravity Kids children move on to Kindergarten, they have the self-help and social skills that are essential for a positive Kindergarten experience. They have a love of learning and books, can make and keep friends, and understand how to work as a team in a group. Gravity Kids staff and parents closely to ensure the best preschool experience possible for each child. Communication between parents, teachers, and administration is ongoing. Parents are encouraged to be a part of their children’s school lives through involvement in events. We invite you to come see our school and meet our teachers at your convenience.  I look forward to meeting you in person!

Thank You